How To Change The Email Font In ProductCart v5

Published August 19th, 2015 at 11:30 AM. by Joe Prochazka

Recently we had a client who disliked the default font used by ProductCart when sending emails from the application. By default ProductCart sends the order received, order confirmation, order shipped, and order cancelled emails using the Courier New/Monospace font. For some reason you can not change this font in places you would think you should be able to apparently. After looking through the adminstation area and then the settings files used by ProductCart with no luck at all of finding where the font was set I ended up doing a search in my HTML editor of the entire application for the word Courier. Doing so I was able to track do exactly where they were hiding this setting. Come to find out the variable containing the list of fonts can be found at the very top of the file includes\sendmail.asp which is the file used by ProductCart to send emails sent from the application.

To change the font(s) open up the file includes\sendmail.asp and change the fonts to the one(s) of your liking by editing the line which looks like this:

const pcv_HTMLEmailFontFamily = "'Courier New', Courier, monospace"

Changing the font variable here however does not change the text in the administrative area where changes can be made to the email content, specifically the text next to where you can change the font size. To change the font name(s) to be displayed here you will need to edit the file pcadmin\emailSettings.asp.

Open the file pcadmin\emailSettings.asp and look for the line which looks like the following and change the text to reflect the font(s) you decided to use:

&nbsp;<span class="pcSmallText">This is the size of the Courier New/Monospace font used to send store emails.</span></td>

Now using the "Test your settings" link found at the top of the Email Setting page send yourself a test email to confirm things are working as well as see how the newly chosen font(s) look in your mail client.

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