SwiftByte.com is currently the homepage for projects I am working on. Also found on this site is my blog covering topics on software development as well as other computer related things. This site is as well home to online tools which I have made available in the tool box section. Please enjoy your visit and the resources which are available here.

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SwiftByte Showroom

Swift Byte Showroom provides a full featured easy to manage web site for vehicle dealers of any type. Retain full control of all the content on the site. No matter what type of vehicle dealership you operate Showroom will fulfill your needs. Cars, big trucks, motorcyles or rv's anything on wheels can be managed and displayed on your site.

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Guild CMS

Guild CMS is an open source content management system designed specifically for use in managing and maintaining an Internet presence for massive multiplayer online guilds. Guild CMS does not target one specific game instead it is designed to work with most any existing MMORPG on the market today as well as those to be released in the future.

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A project I have started and have not yet released. This project was started as a way to learn and gain experience with the latest technologies coming from Microsoft's ASP.Net development team as well as it's community of developers. I do not have much information to share on the project at this time but information will come shortly as work progresses.

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Tool Box

The tool box contains tools which I have made available for public consumption. My goal is to over time continue to add online tools to the tool box portion of this site. Most of the tools will be related to web site development and design with a few other tools thorwn in. I hope that you find these mini application helpful in completing whatever task you working on. I currently have available a DNS Lookup Tool which returns all DNS information for a given domain. A What's my IP address utility which displays your public facing IP address as well as detail information on the said IP address. Also available is a WHOIS Lookup Tool which can be used to view registration information for the supplied domain name.

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